21 Most Absurd Celeb Skincare Moments Of 2021…


21 Most Absurd Celeb Skincare Moments Of 2021 … 0:00 – Intro 0:23 – Shay Mitchell’s Everlasting Routine 0:52 – JLo Magnificence 2:21 …



  1. I had a bunch of fat cells in my leg die as a result of an injury (cool sculpting uses coldness to kill fat cells) and my body definitely didn't "reabsorb" them. I developed a lump on my leg and when the skin broke we realized that that lump was dead tissue which proceeded to leak from my leg wound for months in the form of oil. So yeah… Obviously coolsculpting isn't the same thing but let's just say I can see how killing fat cells could potentially garner negative results…

  2. As a Pharmacy Assistant, I can confirm that you do not need a prescription to get an insulin pen. You can simply come and buy an insulin pen, the only thing is that you are buying it at full price instead of having health insurance cover part of it but then again most insurance companies do not cover diabetic supplies and yes that means insulin as well.

  3. Aaaaahhhh I watched an Australian documentary about a young 21 yr old who got cancer from using tanning beds. It followed her through her last few days & was viscerally traumatic & so so sad. Ever since I saw that, I've used sunscreen everyday.

  4. The only thing I will mention is that this choice to "not bathe" is very much a choice that is only open to some people. Not the entire world has running water and how can it not hurt to see people choosing not to do so? Honestly, it's a very white people thing, try living in a tropical climate and not bathing. Or look at it this way, if you are a POC and you don''t bathe? See how fast the barbarian comments come. 

    So I disagree with you, the media treated that story absolutely the right way.

  5. Hi, I live in Turkey and also Turkish people doesn't take shower everyday but when we take shower its kinda take long time cause we clean ourself with some kind of material like peeling gloves. In the USA, as I suppose taking shower in everyday is kinda cultural. For Example I take shower 3 times in a week.

  6. Enough with the sun fear mongering already. The sun is not only not "cancer" (that's just plain wrong), in reasonable exposure it's your body's exclusive sourse for a vital little thing called vitamin d, which is crucial for your function whether physically, cognitively or emotionally (as it fights depression).
    And no, you should not go your entire life only taking vitamin d in pill form, or whatever other manufacturerd means you can think of, those should always be short term solutions.
    This rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible. It only cares about one facet of the body, and doesnt take into account the overall complexity of the subject.

  7. I think instead of saying someone is "poking fun" at someone when they are really dissing them, we should just say they are making fun of them. "Poking fun" is supposed to actually be fun.

  8. Anyone else named Harper always really confused or like excited whenever people say Harper's Bazaar?? Like, sometimes I think there is a person calling for me and I get confused.

  9. Dealing w hair loss out of nowhere. Just in the front of my head. I went natural w my hair as well & thought that was it, so I went back to straight & washing every other day.
    Not sure it’s helping & think I ended up an infection of some sort bc it itches a little where the hair is falling out at.
    I wanna know if you find out.
    Or if you had covid?

  10. I can't believe that anybody was trying to inject hyaluron into their lips with an insulin injector…seriously people 🤦‍♀️ I have several of those injectors around…they should go nowhere else than their intended use. And even that is sometimes painful and causing harm. Just in case of diabetes, a small harm with insulin injectors is the trade-off against death. But for lips?! Hell no!

  11. So I had to do 2 different chemotherapy treatments in 2013& 2016, and ever since my hair has been falling out and thinning sooo bad, and I just tried yelling HAIR GROW in the mirror, and it didn't work. Which is crazy, I really thought that was going to be the thing to work when all the different meds, treatments, serums, and products failed🤣🤣🤣

  12. Actually, it wasn't just the Conspiracy collection that was in TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Nordstrom Rack.
    People also found his Cremation collection, Blood Lust collection, and several other products that weren't even launched before Morphe dropped J* in 2020, so they never would've been in Morphe stores since they were launched months after the fact.

  13. Just FYI, Trishas skincare line isn't in business anymore, it hasn't been for months they shut it down shortly after the drama on TikTok with Trishas partner threatening customers

  14. Thanks for exposing these atrocious lies that we r told to rob us of our money & our senses! I've stopped following some influencers that started doing too many procedures at home.

  15. Great walkthrough. The video only amplifies my thoughts that celebrity skincare is a cash grab and I will never buy any of their products ever. There’s enough alternatives that is produced out of love and passion and knowledge + evidence to help my skin out.

  16. This entire video makes me sad….so many BS cash grabs and other skin care 'innovations' 😒 … but also glad u are highlighting these lies and educating us!🙌….I tried the fibroplasma….and I don't recommend it to any1


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