EEEEE!!! it is summer season and time for an #athome glow up.. let’s do that collectively! Take a look at all 8 remedies and use my code AGT50 …



  1. Can you do a video on how to cure nail fungus and also best ways to get rid of darker tones on your skin? Those are my two beauty struggles currently that I have very little advice on!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Alexandra! This video was amazing! I started it thinking I would watch 5 minutes and finish it tomorrow – but – within 5 minutes I felt a "tingle" down the top of my spine to mid-section from how relaxed I became, so I had to finish all 50 minutes! I am guessing this is what people feel when they watch ASMR – only I have tried watching them, as well, and never felt ANYTHING!? Thank you for the great time and making me relaxed before bed – and from one artist to another – you are a true talent!!!

  3. I’ve never understood why but I don’t like texture in my lips either but I didn’t realize this until you mentioned it!!! Wow! I’m buying it asap!

  4. I am so glad you love your showers and embrace them! I hated them, not taking them just the process after, lotions, potions, and treatments. I will change my mindset to love and appreciate the process. I believe it stems from always being rushed by work or family. I will start putting me first at least once a week and let it take as long as it takes. 😁 They will get used to it. 💗

  5. Oh my gosh. YES. I was the same way when I was younger. I got made fun of so much in school. I'm Latin and us latina women are just as hairy too. In my TEENS I started dermaplaning and my mom started let me shaving at 12 because she knew how self conscious I was. In the summer I would wear long pants because of my hairy legs. My dad finally said something and I was so embarrassed he told my mom to help me out.
    Finally my self consciousness wasn't as much as a problem and then all those kids that made fun of me ended up growing up, and seeing me "blossom" and started developing crushes on me. 😄 haha
    Under every hairy girl is a beautiful one. LOL

  6. Please could you do a video for girls with curly or waved hair, what to do at night to decrease hair tangles, other than silk pillow case

    Please could you do a video really detailing on how to use cuticle nipper

  7. You look like shakira with your natural curly hair 😳

    And I love Shakira as well as find you pretty inside out 😍

    Oh soo thats what you were doing with your belly it looks great 👌🏽

  8. I am a manicurist and I was terrified with the way you take care of your nails.😱
    Other then that , you’re a beautiful woman naturally. I think you look so pretty with only some lip stain and eyes brows.

  9. I had to BLOCK my husband's view of your hair & shower section, HIS EYES WERE BULGING! You are truly BEAUTIFUL and listening to your voice is so relaxing! Love you videos and thanks for all the great info!

  10. when you mentioned how after you used the smoothing treatment (24:20) your hair had significantly less volume and got greasy quicker- as someone with naturally straight hair- i could not agree more. i can not get volume in my hair for shit lol. anyways these videos are like selfcare for me, i love them so much <3

  11. I'm reading the French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas. Everything I've read so far has been covered in this video in almost the same order. It's a sign, this is so right ladies!

  12. Hi i want to ask you something. I have thin hair like you ,but my hair is always greasy. It is so hard to wash and dry. What can i do to make it less greasy? How many times do you wash your hair?


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