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  1. That one girl that said…"look how big my eye bags are." Like girl mine are so dark and so big. That just makes me loose confidence when people point stuff out that they don't have that i do!

  2. 0:04 I have cetaphil and it is so great I’ve always used it and I barely use anything else but my skin is always so clean and soft when I use it. Whenever I feel a pimple or anything forming I just use that and it works perfectly

  3. Bless thier little hearts but a good bit of these tip aren't very black girl friendly are they? The only one I can actually use is the very last one…no one asked me to be here I guess…

  4. Want better looking radiant skin: DRINK WATER! I noticed a difference in a week after i tried drinking no less than 40 oz of water a day and changed coffee to tea.

  5. Asian skin is just mostly how they are… I know white ppl can’t accept that so they think it’s a makeup trick or something (like how white sales person always argues that I cannot buy certain foundation because it’s too white for me for hours even tho it literally blended in with my neck seamlessly….) but it’s just how our skin is. We don’t have that giant pores that you guys have and it’s because we don’t grow hair in every possible pores. It’s genetic so please stop trying to prove whatever it is that u guys r trying to prove


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