BEST CELEBRITY SKINCARE HACKS | Males's Skincare | Alex Costa


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  1. For those who know 0 about skincare,do basic Cleanser, Moisturizer and Suncreen from brand like Cerave, Ordinary ,Paula's choice ,selfless by hyram etc.These are brands that actually make skincare,unlike adding fragrance,perfume,menthol,sulphate in the name of masculine (Mens product). Ofcourse Alex is a great guy for fashion/lifestyle but guess what he probably never uses the brand he mentions because they are simply not perfect for your skin in the long run.Respect all the other tips from alex,he 100% right but in skincare do your own research guys watch dermatologists and skin experts like doctorly,hyram,dr.vanita rattan.If you re a guy suffering from acne and stuff skincare is not as simple as buying a kit from a brand you think is good.Research about every single product and its uses and make sure they do not contain atleast sulphate, essential oils,perfume,fragrance,witch hazel and much more tbh.

  2. I love how he takes skincare tips from female celebrities without being embarrassed about it or feeling that his masculinity has been compromised like most guys would.


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