Greatest Celeb Plastic Surgical procedure TRANSFORMATIONS of 2021 plus Tendencies and Predictions


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  1. idk why but dove's appearance keeps swinging back and forth, sometimes her cheeks are full sometimes they're not and it just confuses me. Also that look was the scariest but it seems like she dialled it down

  2. hello lory, I love your content on youtube and I'm always following your videos. your work is incredible. I would like to know if you know which celebrity plastic surgeons are. or if you know any surgeon to share with us! Thank you so much!

  3. Its so sad to see how these very unconfident woman like Khloe or Dove suffer from these trends. Not only do they feel pressured by the industry but they also make the trends which results in other insecure people getting surgery to fit in. Dont get me wrong I also had my nosejob but not because of a trend or pressure but because I just wanted to change it since I can remember.

  4. This is the only video I’ve watched of yours and to be honest I’m kind of sick that people watch you and you’ve so many subscribers your picking out different things on different girls. You might not be shading them but it could be hurting there feelings in ways you wouldn’t understand. Some celebs speak out on there surgerys and procedures and some don’t simply because of insecurities. Your picking out famous people’s insecurities for your own gain. Definitely won’t be subscribing or even watching another one of your bullying videos.

  5. Let me just say, people’s faces change when they grow older. Dove hasn’t had many procedures. Probably a few fillers and filters. The reason she looked older and mature is because she grew older.

  6. Celebs see giant screen and paparazzi photos that highlight every flaw. I understand how sensitive they must be because of this. But changing your features so young and getting so many surgeries is alarming. We are leaning to criticize real faces and bodies that we compare to a plastic look. It's a loss of self acceptance.

  7. 😂no way the BBL trend is quite over yet. I’m on surgery pages etc. These girls are discussing their round 2’s and 3’s before they even get their round 1. And I’m almost positive it’s been proven that Kim’s butt was “reduced” by weight loss.

  8. What is find really scary is that you can hardly see the difference between the "previous face" and the "latest face". But when you put the most recent picture of the celeb and the pic of the celeb in their fetus days the difference is JARRING.

  9. Dove Cameron will still flat out lie and pretend she's natural why she also over edits her photos. Ofc noth wrong with plastic surgery but the way she talks about self image and self acceptance screams delusional & pretentious to me.

  10. I think Kim K got a butt reduction because she was starting to look like she had a diaper. You can only go so big before it looks weird. Joe Rogan was making fun of her butt and I think it hurt her feelings which is sad, but I think that's why she started to slowly make her butt smaller. He said her behind looked like a tumor. How mean is that??

  11. I love that you always make it clear you’re not talking about people’s natural body types, and specifically say, “that will never go out of style”. Enjoyed this!

  12. I love your videos so much but what’s the noise in the background when you begin to speak? When you don’t speak, it’s silent but once you start, sounds like It’s a loud light making a noise maybe? Sounds like a buzzing noise in the background. Thought it was a fire alarm in the distance 😅

  13. I honestly wish that the foxy eye trend would die, but only for selfish reasons. I was blessed to be born with almond shaped eyes and long eyelashes. My eyes always stood out as being unique and sat me apart from other people. Now that everyone is paying to have eyes like this is not so special of a look anymore. All celebrities and influencers have those eyes.

  14. The big trend I’d like to see die out is the fillers and cheek implants in those of a certain age. Many of them would like better if they had just let themselves age, and maybe done subtle PS. Also tired of the fox eyes and indistinguishable faces. I think Khloe K and Jennifer Grey looked fine before they had any surgery. I miss the distinctiveness of faces and their perfection that comes from imperfection. It’s starting to look like clones or stepford wives.

    I’m 50-something white woman with a round face and deep-set, close-set eyes, which doesn’t fit any current beauty norms. Apparently, having a round face was ok when I grew up, but now is considered undesirable.

    Other than a lift to fight Father Time, I don’t want to change my face. I can’t afford a face lift anyhow, so it works out 😂😂😂. I’m for anyone getting PS, but wish they would not overdo. If I had lots of money, I wouldn’t want to lose my father’s deep set hazels and square-ish jaw, can’t narrow my face anyhow, and like my nose the way it is. My face doesn’t look like Hollywood, but I’ve done just fine with it. Beauty norms come and go, and I’m ok with being my age and not fitting impossible standards. One good thing being over 50 does is liberate many of us from caring so much about our looks 😎


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