Celeb Stylist Charges Outfits by AlphaM, Alex Costa, TeachingMensFashion, Tim Dessaint


My HONEST opinion of among the outfits worn by among the BIGGEST males’s model YouTubers ○ Ask questions or get assist …



  1. My life got kinda ruined now i think… I just love my leather jacket (biker-like, dark chocolate colour). But this?! Leather jacket is a NO? ;(

  2. (Ref: @6:55 ) What are your general thoughts on leather matching? Polished vs unfinished leather, being my specific curiosity.

    I have always learned that shoes, belt and watch, should be in the same family (especially when leather, black or brown). But what if you have a polished leather watch strap and shoes but unfinished leather belt, or any other combination of the three?

    I've been binging your content for a while!
    – Keep it up! You provide tremendous value.

  3. man… you're too picky…. Fashion is supposed to be fun… There should be some rules.. but if you can pull it off… wear them.. that's the main rule… As you're a girl.. You're thinking from a girl's point of view… Everything should match and be picture perfect…. Being a man should be careless ( not about life ) …. And all of the outfits in the video looks absolutely great… I know you're doing this just for the sake of views.. but stop thinking like a girl if you're a stylist for men… to make sense what I'm, saying.. the last featured influencer.. you're saying he's showing off his personality… because he's wearing a pant that is actually shaded like a women's pant…. got my point ??

  4. Take what Ashley says with a grain of salt her own "jcrew"hubby doesnt dress as well as any of these guys..no offense to him

  5. Great advice for a specific style. Reminds me of cookie cutter men’s fashion catalogs and maybe something for a romcom. She knows what she’s talking about for the style she targets. I wouldn’t say she knows what she’s talking about for all men in general though. Her advice targets a small demographic. And even saying that, an even smaller time frame during the week where you would actual, if even, dress in her preferred style. To me it’s is not for men who might be more down to earth, creatively inclined, have a sense of personal style, or even some one who has a personality. She is opinionated though, and I respect her right to express herself. And if her style choices are for you then go for it.

  6. great video but i disagree with a whole bunch of points with one to summarize all, just cos they dont look good to you doesnt mean they dont look good to everyone. they aren't looking for your validation, they are simply expressing themselves. another example of why men need to get out of their safety bubble. you shouldnt live your life based on the validations of people your confidence should come from within not the external nonsense. find your niche, do what makes you feel good. LIVE IN A STATE OF ABUNDANCE

  7. Why not just let men wear what they want? Who cares if a guy has two more rings than what you think he should have. I've never seen someone with lots of accessories and been as judgemental as you are. With all due respect the way a guy dresses should be up to himself and not someone else. All in all who really cares?


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