Don't Make These Superstar Skincare Routine Errors – Kylie Jenner, James Charles ✖ James Welsh


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  1. I have to wash my face in the shower as I can't deal with my face getting wet if my body isn't wet (I have various sensory processing issues) and I can't deal with anything around my eyes-not to mention I always get face wash in my hair. So shower it is for me lol

  2. I've been watching your reactions and other vids from your channel since the lockdowns purely for entertainment and some educational value. Strangely, at 3 am and on a mid-work break, I've been suddenly considering being more proactive with my skincare. Hopefully, I can find the right products or alternative brands that are affordable and available here in the Philippines. TY James!

  3. wow i didn't know biodegradable was not a protected term in this context. it's so frustrating that you try and buy environmentally friendly but brands just twist the truth

  4. My fav manual exfoliator, after trying like 5 different ones, has to be a gel + black sugar one. It isn't harsh at all, I can feel the granules, but it causes no pain and feels very gentle yet it makes me feel like it is working. Love it!

  5. I am loving the videos James 🙂 I have started listening whilst I work I am learning LOTS and LOTS from you. I agree with your comments about Bulldog cosmetics – I have sensitivities to methylisothalizone and chloromethylisothalizoine so stealing my hubby's products whilst I was trying to find suitable alternatives to pretty much EVERYTHING I was using at the time (Quite a few years ago now) and the regulations thankfully have reduced the amount that can be in products (Its in pretty much anything from washing up liquid to cosmetics I even had an unfortunate experience with a mouth wash!) I'm still looking for shampoos that work without it

  6. My skincare routine consists of 6 steps
    1: Cleanse
    2: Toner
    3: Serum
    4: Moisturizer/Cream
    5: Face Oil
    6: Sunscreen
    I just recently started using a face oil and it’s really helped with my dry skin. I have an oily t zone… but my face is mostly dry

  7. Hey I'm a mom of 3 (currently pregnant with my 3rd) and the hormonal breakouts are so bad! Can't stand looking in the mirror most of the time. But I can't really afford too much of anything. Kids are leaches and worse than paying bills lmao… Are there any cheap drugstore products you could recommend me? Also still trying to learn what all you need and what all products for which step in which order. I'm clueless but I'd kill for better skin. Not looking for perfect or spotless but any improvement would be better than this. Help me lol

  8. I absolutely adore James Welsh. He seems like such an amazing genuine person. He deserves such a bigger platform, unlike a lot of other people who abuse theirs. Thank you for staying pure hearted.

  9. So late to this, but Kylie not applying anything to her forehead is weird. I'm not judging at all but I can only think that's to do with recently having botox or fillers in the region. That said, you can tell that's the first time she's ever used a walnut scrub on her face and will likely be the last time to boot. Ha.

  10. How does any one under stand him as you said he talks so fast what a drama twat sorry but it’s true love to you always look forward to you and Roberts shows 💕

  11. 👀 I am totally guilty of washing in the shower…. gonna do my best not to drench the sink tomorrow. 😬🤣

    Thanks for the info, James 🙏

  12. I think I have watched this video ten plus times now…I burst into laughter watching James react to Gweneth’s routine…the faces he makes while watching and right before pausing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Lol with these kinds of tutorials they tend to do a bit of a fake cleanse because they obviously don't want to mess up their eye makeup or hair for the video – that's probably why Kylie didn't do her forehead or eye area.

    I was wondering about parabens – I honestly thought that they were carcinogenic chemicals – that's interesting how the misinformation spread.

    I'm personally not worried about 'clean' beauty, the more important aspects are looking into what a brand is doing environmentally, where they get their products manufactured, and if this is ethical, and if the product is cruelty-free. I just don't like using products from companies that needlessly test on animals when they could be tested in other ways.

  14. Nivea make compostable make-up wipes. I usually use them after using Aloe Vera moisturiser to remove eye makeup (I find moisturiser is the most gentle way to remove mascara), then the wipe to get off any residue, and then the Function of Beauty jelly cleanser to actually clean my skin. I'm 42 this year and regularly mistaken for being in my 20's!

  15. She’s an actress she is constantly supposed to avoid looking at the camera. I know that’s genuinely an issue for me because I was a child actress and got yelled at so much for looking at the camera to this day I avoid it instinctively


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