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Gwyneth Paltrow shares her essentials-only strategy to magnificence and wellness. Store this magnificence routine: GOOPGLOW Glow …



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  2. Please dont trust anybody who dont know what order your skincare should be put on your face. Oil,sunscreen and then moisturizer? The greenwashing is also a really bad message. There are no toxic beauty products.

  3. I am just going to go ahead and say something different…Gwyneth Paltrow looks beautiful and she does not look old. She is totally fine. She doesn’t have skin cancer. She has some Sun spots. The sunscreen people need to chill the F out.

  4. Some of these comments are hilarious. Many people getting in a huff over some sunscreen. However did the human species survive before the invention of sunscreen? 😱 Sunscreen is not the be all and end all. Skin cancer is NOT just about whether you slap on a chemical cocktail into your skin. You need to be healthy too – it's also about what you put into your body, not just what you put on top of your body. My Mum is 85 and has incredible skin and doesn't use sunscreen – she gets her 15 mins sun each day direct without sunscreen, and just avoids the harsh midday/early afternoon sun. She eats well, plenty of fresh fruit and veg (nature's antioxidant), exercises, gets good sleep and doesn't sweat the small stuff. I took a leaf out of her book and at 52 I have never had a skin cancer despite an active outdoor lifestyle, yet my sister who doesn't take good care of her body on the inside, slathers sunscreen and still gets skin cancers. I have friends who lather themselves in sunscreen yet still get skin cancers, and then there's my ex husband who is an avid surfer for over 40 years and has never had a skin cancer nor used sunscreen all over his body. So saying that sunscreen will stop you getting skin cancer is simply not true because if it were then those who use sunscreen would never get skin cancer, and clearly they do! Skin cancer is not just about what you put on your skin, it's what's you put in your body too (but let's not talk about that because then people would have to give up their over indulgences).

  5. Well what can I say. She spends all these time and money on her skin care and then cancel it out with the sun exposure. Will I follow it, no, thank you very much.

  6. Sometimes Gwyneth reminds me of my 52 year old unmarried aunt…the one who drinks too much and has 7 cats and should really stop walking out to get her mail in a tank top without a bra….that letter carrier has put in for a transfer about a dozen times already!!!!

  7. Nice! When prepared properly, herbal oils are very useful for skin health, hair growth and general wellness. We just uploaded a video on the uses of Ginger Oil for lymphatic drainage. Helps with circulation.


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