Score the BEST & WORST Movie star Pores and skin Care Manufacturers


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  1. Josie Maran was/is a supermodel of the 90s and 2000s she transitioned into acting with movies such as the gravedancers, little black book. Then became an entrepreneur. She's a celebrity for sure.

  2. You should do a video where you go to a store and in the skin care aisle you close your eyes and whatever brand you land on you get that brands cleanser (or other item you choose before hand) and then do that till you have enough for all the stuff you need and make a video where you try it and rate it??

  3. Hyram, I love you and all your videos, but don't be afraid to tell us when a product by a celebrity is just shit because of the price and the ingredients. WE NEED TO KNOW. We rely on you, or at least some of us do! This is why I love Cassandra Bankson, she never cares who she offends as long as the truth is out.

  4. Great vid! There are so many celebrity brands really. Could you do one more of these?? 🙏🏼🐶 Suggestions of brands be –
    Keys Soulcare, Juice Beauty, TPH by Taraji, Pattern Beauty, Item Beauty, Meaningful Beauty, JVN, Rare Beauty, Kind Science, Hello Bello, Happy Dance, Good Dye Young, Pleasing, Know Beauty, Henry Rose, by Mariah Carey, MDNA Skin, Sourse, Kesha Rose Beauty, Anomaly, Flower Beauty, Better World Fragrance House, and SO many more… 🌌🌌🤎

  5. I loved Josie Maran back when she did the Maybelline lipstick and mascara ads, and when she was a vampire bride in Van Helsing. It was such an exciting moment when I first saw her brand on the shelves.

  6. My sister (oily skin, 20 years old, acne) looooves your skin care! I bought for her all products. Sucks for me it’s not good :(( my skin is dry .. but anyway Thank you!!!

  7. Hola, Hyram. Thanks for your well informative videos. I will like to kindly request if you will be willing to review the Elizabeth Arden skin care products. For the las 3 months I had been using the ceramide capsules to erase sun damage in my face and it really works. Greetings from PR. By the way I buy them at Walgreens. 😉

  8. Thank you for saying whatever single person in the beauty industry is thinking about Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop! It's funny because we were talking about her vagina candle and my sister (who is a nurse practitioner) said that is no smell anyone should relish!!🤣🤣🤣

  9. Could you do a video on cosmeceutical brands (or medical grade/scientifically proven brands)? I've stopped using cosmetics in my skin care but there's still so many brands and the prices vary so much, like Alpha-H is still affordable and then there's like ZO Skin health which is just insane prices.. So curious for your opinion as I truly have no clue! Love your content <3


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