Signature Facial and Gua Sha with Celeb Esthetician Biba de Sousa | Susan Yara


I’ve needed to get a facial with movie star esthetician Biba de Sousa for a very long time! Once I realized she incorporates Gua Sha and …



  1. Eastern European aestheticians are the best and most educated. The ones educated here are not educated they are just groomed.. sorry for my French. But, I am a licensed aesthetician educated in the U.S. studying and learning from Eastern European estheticians. Their knowledge is unsurpassed. .. I love your qua sha and the whole facial. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Exfoliating with baking soda?????!!! Wtf. Also I'm East European and there are none East European facial techniques, the only one that might be considered that is always doing extraction with facials.

  3. If you want to clear your skin of black heads; prevent them . Whenever I ate sweet potatoes, I noticed that my pores had released a lot of sebum, It is like my skin had renewed, my skin looked clearer. Sweet potatoes prevent the blood sugar from spiking and promoting inflammation. Their content in vitamin A is probably why the skin looks so good after you eat them. Also earphones rub against the skin in the ear and prevent the sebum from escaping through the pores, then the pores enlarge and the sebum oxidize (becomes black).

  4. Questions: a) r u required to wear gloves? That seems rather uncomfortable
    B) what baking soda product r u using? Doesn't it alter the Ph badly? What about toner etc?
    C) no serums?? Only Sunscreen?

  5. I like this, she started first at the collar bone(I am presuming to open up for the drainage) then from décolletage upward for the lymphatic treatment. She got so excited when she found that ear pimple.


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