So in the present day I made a decision to get up and expose movie star pimples & photoshop


EXPOSING Superstar Zits & Photoshop Secrets and techniques Flip the like button blue, and make the …



  1. You were blessed with a beautiful body that keeps you alive every. single. day. There is a beautiful soul inside your body. Take care of the body that your mother gave you by nourishing the soul that lives within it and taking care of the body that holds it. You are worth wonderful things. Put on some sunscreen, take your vitamins (if needed) and have a lovely day 💜🐟🦋

  2. I don't get "acne positivity." It's like saying "tooth decay" or "depression" positivity. Acne is literally a sign that the p. acnes bacteria on your face is out of control, that you have a reproductive issue, a hormonal imbalance w/ your endocrine system, or that you some other dermatological issue. Its a medical issue should not be an IDENTITY or CAUSE people pretend to feel positive about. Btw, lots of acne spots can hurt, I want that shxt off my face asap, I don't want to identify with or feel positive about it, nor do I particularly want to see other ppl's zits. 😒

  3. I mean taking the bus and subway everyday, I know people skin has texture. And let me tell you people who have two-three pimples a day are freaking blessed

  4. Hannah Montana had an episode about this specifically. She had a photoshoot and someone threatened to expose her unedited image which had a giant pimple on her chin or something. At the end she decided to release the unedited image.

  5. Can I just say, when you have put up any pics or videos showing when you were struggling the most with your acne, the first thing I noticed about you every time was never your skin, but how beautiful and bright your smile is and the stunning colour of your eyes, and I would like to point that out to anyone who is struggling with skin issues, most people aren’t focusing on your skin (although it feels like it) they are noticing your smile/eyes/hair/energy etc, whatever amazing thing YOU have xxx❤️

  6. You're a model for god's sake you still care about some tiny flaws? Anyway..the dead sea mud is magical to erase this problem .. my friend used it when we went to jordan .. and yes one week using the real mud worked like magic

  7. Thank you. As a guy who has been complimented by my other guy friends on my skin, I VERY much struggle with insecurities about my textured skin. Models and photoshop really set unrealistic expectations. Seeing these photos really made me feel more comfortable about my skin.

  8. also its in your genes. my friend has the clearest skin ive ever seen in my life. no pores, only sometimes a tiny pimple. but her skin is so smooth like eggshells.

  9. My heart goes out to people who have skin problems.. Unfortunately, humans(all animals) are genetically predisposed to avoid things that do not look "normal" and our skin is, well, VERY visible.. most illnesses are on the inside and people don't see them.
    I wish I could do a better skincare routine because I have very dry skin which means I almost never have/got pimples or blemishes, but will age more quickly than other people due to the lack of moisture naturally in the skin.. And have ZERO skincare routine because I never really needed one(now I regret it)

    Last thing.. How did you avoid the scarring that is so common with cystic acne?

  10. I'm confident now!
    I was the one who compare myself with celebrities which have flawless "GloWiNg SkiN".
    And I was depressed about my insecurity 🤡.I used to think, i was the one who get acne for the first time in my Teenage days! Like it was horrible And Now
    I understood that "acne is normal and everyone have it" And the feW people who have fLawLeSs SkiN
    "Good For Them"💅😌

  11. Remember when Kendall was the face of pro active and attributed it to improving her skin when it was really lots of expensive skincare procedures? Do many of my friends at that time were skeptical of buying pro active because they knew it wasn't the skincare brand that helped her skin

  12. As someone who had acne I'm surprised and a little disappointed to see this to be honest. There would have been ways to share the message without "exposing" people.

  13. I suffered from adult cystic acne. I took Accutane. It worked well as cystic acne cannot always been seen, but is non the less is just as painful. Now my skin is dry. But it saved me from scarring.

  14. I used proactive and the only thing it really did was make me shy away from caring anymore- it was expensive for me at the time and didn’t really work and felt like a ton of work

  15. I only use rosewater and some moisturizer and my skin looks normal. I only apply both with a cuttonpad thingy. Only in the morning and before bed.
    Maybe it'll help some of u

  16. I wish there was a youtuber that made videos for older women. I hear alot about acne, skin texture, beauty standards but I never see someone talking about aging being normal or even ok. Women constantly chasing youth because of all the plastic surgery and they're beautiful women aging beautifully. I understand teaching young girls confidence but what about our older women that just need to be told you are gorgeous at every age.

  17. It seems like Kendall Jenner also had some acne scarring in those photos, but it seems like they’ve disappeared from looking at her more recent pictures. Her skin looks flawless. How did she get rid of her acne scarring?

  18. Acne is a desease according to medical science. So instead of trying to normalise it. Treat it with Ruaccutane. Humans evolved to avoid people with blemished skin because of the risk of passing on other communicable deseases that appear similar to acne in the time B4 vaccines. You can't wish away our biology. Their is a biological reason we are repulsed by blemished skin.

  19. Thanks for this, Cassandra. Im sick of the social media trying to portray an unapproachable and irrral standard of beauty and companies making billions after triggering on people's insecurities.

  20. I wish I could see more photos of textured skin with makeup on, because the main reason why I don't use makeup is that my texture is showing. Beauty marks, acnes, bumps, white heads, etc

  21. I have had acne almost all of my life and I can tell you I am not positive or accepting of it. it is painful and it's a pain in the ass. My kind of acne is I never get whiteheads or blackheads it goes straight to pustules. It's not cystic but having little pus pockets all over your face is BS!

  22. Regarding Kendall Jenner – the jendash's like to talk about their issues when they're making money from it. Kim's psoriasis, Khloe's migraines, Kendall's acne, Kylie's lip insecurity… It's all a money grab it's not to help other people deal with their issues or maybe be relatable. They go to drastic means to protect their image(s). Rarely having untouched photos get out and trying to sue when they do.


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