The Actual Value of Getting Tooth Like a Movie star


Dangerous enamel are large enterprise in Hollywood, and ET is breaking it down by the numbers.



  1. I used to HATE going to the dentists but luckily my mother didn’t stop teaching me about dental hygiene. It’s important to invest in yourself, and your teeth are meant to last forever.

  2. With my adult braces, wisdom teeth extraction, and professional whitening my mouth costs about $15,000 without insurance and $9,000 with it.

  3. No pain meds haha you see them give you Novacaine lol sober doesn't mean you need to go through surgery without meds lol you had some pain meds during and don't need pain meds after. I have had many many trips to the dentist and only after extraction SURGERY do you need lortabs. You don't get any meds for a pulled tooth or any cosmetic because your teeth don't hurt after. Props for trying to look tough on tv tho.

  4. Growing up my teeth were my only insecurity and they weren’t even that bad. Now at age 22 I got braces. Currently 14 weeks in and I’m already happy with where my teeth are and I still have months to go. Excited for the final results

  5. Dentistry has become merged with Cosmetic Surgery, as the days of a dentist being thought of looking after your health via gum disease, tooth decay, jaw issues, etc is just the appetizer to the crowns and veneers.


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