The Reality Behind Superstar Pores and skin Care And Magnificence Secrets and techniques


Superstar Pores and skin Care And Magnificence Routines Are Not The Reality Behind Their Flawless Look. Celebrities Like Kylie Jenner and …



  1. Share your skin care routines, and any concerns you might have for your own skin (only if you feel comfortable)! Maybe someone watching will have the answers you need or the same questions you have❤❤ Remember, spread positivity!

  2. We should try natural products they give a way more clean and pure skin without any wrinkles by using so much chemical products, and I think it's a way more cheaper than these products.

  3. whats wrong if kylie jenner have some spots in her face there’s nothing wrong with beauty and kendall jenner is beautiful nothing is permanent its not funny to say to other people’s real beauty is ugly nothing is ugly and skin care isnt even making them that pretty happy do you.?

  4. My beauty routine is "less is more" … less make up to no make up especially at home, sunscreen, soap that exfoliates because it is hot here where I live and vitamin C.. well I always get compliment about my skin.

  5. Mmmm Kylie Jenner kinda looks older than her age… not younger and sh'es only in her early 20s… why would she need to look young as she IS YOUNG 🙂 Kylie is beautiful for sure 🙂

  6. Drink lots of water, I make my own face cream's, stopped using over the counter for the last twenty years. Have no lines. Keep out of the sun. My eldest Son is 35 years. I swear , also by Organic cider vinegar. ….place a few dab's on a cotton wool ball, over my face morning and night. Have eaten porridge for year's. has silicone naturally. Also do facial exercise's. Wash my hair with egg White's, my hair is thick and down my back. 😊😊😊

  7. Natural remedies win….. I've tried almost every whitening or tan removal product under the sun and nothing worked, not even a bit
    But when I tried lemon, yogurt and honey it works the best cuz the lactic acid in yogurt exfoliates, the citric acid bleaches and the hyalouronuic acid in honey supples the skin…. Natural makes you look natural, cosmetic makes you look like a total kardashian

  8. Foreo products are like a peeling, so it is highly risky and not recommended to use it every day. You may end up with irritation and stuff like this.


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