Watch This Movie star Facialist’s Nightime Skincare Routine | Harper's Bazaar + Estée Lauder


Peek into a celeb pores and skin guru Gina Mari’s routine. Subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar: …



  1. Love Estée Lauder Night serum. My face always looks clear and bright when I wake up. SK II essence and Estée Lauder nigt serum are the products that are worth splurging on in my case.

  2. I never understand why people who use eye cream actually put it over normal moisturiser anyways. I’ve watched loads of videos like this and every time they apply serum and moisturiser, they always do so around the eyes. So why then is it necessary to use an eye cream?????

  3. Ok I do have to say the way she put the product on was correct but with the cleansing stage, first of all wipes are terrible and no matter what way you use them they will pull at your skin, and second you shouldn't use just a cleansing balm since it is actually the first step of a two step double cleansing process, you have to use some sort of water based cleanser afterwards to actually do the deep cleansing.

  4. I was interested till, I saw that she was using Estee Lauder exclusively (it seemed) There are so many amazing brands out there for the skin these days too numerous to mention!!! Has she been to a Sephora, or Ulta EVER? Secondly, the fact that she started with a make-up wipe… I mean really, even my 12 year old niece knows you can do better than that!!!😒🙄

  5. And then here I am using noxzema and witch hazel and having amazing skin even though I’m severely oily and acne and blackhead prone. Noxzema has been around for eons for a reason!


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