Why I Stopped Superstar Worshipping


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  1. people worship celebrities the same way other people worship gods and follow religions or join a motorcycle club…most people need some sort of "guide" in life, be part of something.. social media made this even worse because now people can be "closer" to their celebrities. It's sad…it all comes down to lack of confidence and character. I miss the times before Internet…honestly.

  2. I've stopped worshipping celebrities after all of the disinfo they are spreading about Ukraine. I'm all for the civilians being safe, but Ukraine's govt isn't innocent either in this war. Lately, all these celebrities are playing "geopolitician" and they look pathetic in doing so, but unlike them, I've been studying geopolitics since 1998.

  3. imagine how much better mental health would be if we didnt spend time on instagram obsessing over ppl that just make money off of us lol

  4. very very true…celebrity worship, and keeping up with celebrity drama doesnt add value to our lives….it only serves the celebrities by increasing their popularity,fame and value to brands that need advertisement and wastes more of our time, since it doesnt make us wealthier.

  5. Im nver gonna forget that beautiful Billie Eilish show, when I think only 1% of the people that were there was actually watching it! The other 99% was watching it through their phones, because more important than watching a show is to show your friends on social media that you're there watching a show… its actually so sad.

  6. Thx lady u just nailed it . I literally have no words.I wasted my last 2 yrs in some celebrity crush then came bts addiction now when I look back that world doesn't seem purple to me rather dark and horrifying cause I don't want to be a consumer or somebody's fucking fan.I want to be a student of my teacher named life and keep growing.You saved my
    next 2-3 yrs further changing my whole life.Happy new year may u fail and fail but then emerge stronger

  7. My father likes to say that there was only three channels on TV when he was a kid, we are living in a very fractured society these days, this is why celebrities have the lowest weight ever in society right now and i think that is a good thing.

    If You ever read the book outliers, it goes into the fact that really successful people are really manly just really lucky and are pretty much normal people with maybe a little bit more drive to do things than the average bean; and not always that either.

  8. the only celebrity you should worship, is the one who tells you NOT to worship a celebrity…… those are the only celebrities who have something wise to say……. the rest are just acting even when camera stops rolling

  9. Just remember this those celebs work their ass off to be on top thats one of the key reason why we love them coz they kinda make our life pretty meaningful
    and they kinda show us what us normal humans can accomplisged too if we work hard
    we all shit and fart the same way and were all gonna die but not everybody live a legendary life like celebrities.

  10. I totally agree with you . I had to unfollow all my celebrities in Instagram, facebook and twitter. It sometimes very toxic and a waste of time. We should take time to celebrate ourselves

  11. totally agree with you it's all people want to talk about these days…the latest film or the latest celebrity and what they are doing…we should be focusing on our own family and friends instead.

  12. I did some research and found out social media has alot to do with todays obsession. We Re on information overload and our relationships aren't as satisfying as they once were because it's constant comparison to other peoples lives. I hop this madness end. I want fulfillment in my own life. A simple life. With simple people.

  13. I have met a few celebrities in my lifetime, all country music singers. I used to idolize them, but not anymore. They have all been nice, but I would have bad experiences happen to me within a week, like it was a curse for me to meet famous people. Yes, it got to my head after meeting Toby Keith and Faith Hill back in 1995. Nowadays, I'm like. So what. Celebrities are human too.

  14. Anyone has some advice for the kpop culture cause like I tend to fight for these people when my friends or others say bad things about them and like want their music to myself like I dont want people around me to listen to their songs

  15. I had been getting obsessed by bts for a week . And soon I realized that becoz of them I have wasted my lots of time, So now I'm just trying to get get overcome from them😁😶.

  16. Dont look at celebrities these people dont know you stop caring about them because they don't care about you they haven't even mentioned your name in their entire life. Stop talking about their success why not reach ur own success make it to the top make ur own space of being in the top like they did. I dont like celebrities at all, because we are worshipping the wrong people if you keep on worshipping them knowing about their everyday life u wont gain anything and the dream u choose to achieve wont come to pass thank you very much for reading this comment I'm not writing this comment for likes do what u please but I have made a statement and only the wise will listen. Thank you.🚶‍♂️

  17. Years ago "celebrities" werent even famous i mean musicians singers and actors got a really small salary they were just workers who entairtained the rich and (humans) they werent even famous just sang in local bars.

  18. You should read (if you haven’t) Susan Sontag’s “On Photography” — even though she wrote it at time before everyone became a “photographer”, it very much applies to today. Most professional photographers (not paparazzi) understand that taking a photo of someone (without consent) is actually an aggressive act. The way Sontag explains it — you are literally stealing a piece of their soul. Nowadays with everyone having the capability to instantly publish whatever or whoever they see — they can easily blend in with the sea of others who are doing the same thing and don’t feel as much responsibility.

  19. thank you for the video.Its really help me a lot.I search for this specifically because the actor I adore really is a private person.He doesn't have an IG and don't share much about him.So I thought why should I obsess with him when he just doing his job which is acting so like you said I would just say "Thank you for your work.I enjoy it"


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